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Meet Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie is the owner of Exhale Medical Massage and Rehabilitation located in Round Rock, TX. She has practiced with a wide variety of clients and is a certified in TTAPS. This expertise in TTAPS deals with reflexes in the body, getting rid of scar tissue that interferes with proper nerve functions and balances body chemistry. This allows you to get healed in the quickest amount of time. She is also a certified Kinesio Tape Practioner - a technique used to facilitate healing while supporting the muscles and joints without restriction and she is a certified IASTM Practitioner – a technique used to improve function and performance.

She is a dedicated, patient-focused Chiropractor that enjoys helping those who are in pain and takes the time to listen to you to not only better care for you but to do so in the quickest, most efficient and inexpensive way. She is committed to your well-being from the moment you walk into her practice.


Her techniques are used to improve your function and performance and includes educating, Chiropractic spinal and soft tissue manipulation with very light forced techniques, and corrective exercises to strengthen your body. For example, maybe you're having trouble grasping or pinching things or have lost the strength in your hands. Maybe you are having trouble walking or standing up.

The combined techniques Dr. Marie uses allow your body to heal itself by restoring proper stability and mobility so you are no longer in pain and further injury can be prevented. Furthermore, this empowers your body to restore full function to get your body back to the lifestyle you deserve.


Dr Marie says, “If I cannot fully correct your situation, I can greatly improve it.”

Mission Statement

Her mission is to provide a positive learning experience for every person that walks into the clinic where she focuses on myofascial release functional rehabilitation.

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